• Account Management


    Why should I link my Facebook account to Tennis Manager 2018?


    When you register, you can link your account to Facebook. This allows you to keep your progress if you change your device. We will never use your account with commercial goals, or post on your behalf.


    I will change my device, how do I save my progress?


    To keep your progress from a device to another, you have to link your account to Facebook. When launching the game on your new system, you can connect using that account to get your progress on your new device. Your previous account will no longer be synchronized.



    Game’s goal


    What is my goal in this game?


    In Tennis Manager, you manage a tennis player from his beginnings to the end of his career. Choose his strategies and his training program, and aim to make him the best possible.

    Doing so, you will increase your Manager Score (see Manager Score), and have the opportunity to manage a new, more talented player, until you become the best tennis manager ever ;)



    Tennis player's choice


    I don’t like any of the suggested tennis player , can I create one myself instead?


    When you choose your tennis player, it is unlikely that they correspond exactly to what you are searching for. Start then a new search by selecting some criterias that suits you. If none of them suits you, remember that there aren't enough players on the tour to fulfill all your expectations.



    Action points


    I don’t have any action points left, how do I get them back?


    The action points (AP) bar fills itself naturally with time, 3min per AP, it fully refills in approximately 5 hours. If you don’t want to wait, you can refill it instantly using tokens.





    How do I unlock new trainings?


    To unlock new trainings, hire new staff members. Each staff member unlocks several trainings. It is not necessary to have several staff members of the same type.


    What differentiates a training from another?


    First of all, some activities are used to improve your tennis player's characteristics, while others are improving his physical and mental status (top right bars).

    A proper training is defined by its targets, its term and its specialization.

    - A target is the category of characteristics the training can improve.

    - The term indicates the probability of turning temporary points into permanent ones at the end of a tournament. A short-term training gives more temporary points, but less permanent points than a long-term training.

    - The specialization influences the target selection by adding new criteria. Use it to have more control over which characteristic is improved.


    Why am I unable to use certain trainings?


    You can't use an unlocked training if its AP cost is higher than either your remaining APs or the remaining APs before the next tournament



    Why is my tennis player not improving anymore?


    The more your player improves, the harder it is for him to improve his characteristics. Start by hiring staff members with high efficiency. If it is not enough, it is maybe time to consider changing your tennis player and choosing one with more potential.





    What does the characteristics influence?


    A tennis player’s characteristics improve his efficiency during a match. They are gathered in different categories depending on their theme.

    - The Shots category represents the tennis player’s mastery of his shots.

    - The Physical category corresponds to the physical condition of the tennis player, like his speed or his power.

    - The Stamina is the capacity of the tennis player to resist exhaustion.

    - The Intelligence of a player shows his capacity to analyze a game and to use his coach’s strategies.

    - The Mental category is ability to stay focused and withstand stress in unfavorable conditions.





    Why can’t I register to some tournaments?


    The ranking of your player determines the tournaments he can access to. Indeed, higher ranked players have the priority when they join tournaments draw, the best tournaments are only open to the best of the best.

    On the other side, when achieving a certain MTL/WTL rank, some tournaments become mandatory and disables your capacity to register to other tournaments that week.





    What are the effects of the instructions on the results of a match?


    An instruction has the effect of changing the behaviour of your tennis player during the match to adapt to a specific setting. It is up to you to analyze the game and give him the good instructions to improve his chances to win.



    Match’s course


    How can I influence the match’s course in my favor?


    When watching a game, you can :

    - change the strategy your tennis player uses

    - change your player’s intensity during the game.

    If you increase his physical intensity, he will be more efficient but you will get tired faster.

    On the contrary, if you decrease it, you will get tired less but will be less efficient during the match.

    If you ask him to put the pressure, his aggressiveness will make decrease his opponent's mental gauge faster, but it will be harder for him to recover some mental points.

    On the other hand, if you advise him to focus in his game, he will be less affected by negative events, but his opponent will recover mental points more easily.



    Cash management


    How do I earn "cash" the money of the game?


    First of all, connect everyday to collect your daily bonus

    At the end of a tournament, you will also earn money, no matter your results. The further you advance, the more money you get from the Prize Money.

    Having a sponsor can also grant you lots of cash, but you must be able to fulfill their expectations. The harder their conditions are, the better the award. If you want to make bigger investments, you can convert tokens into cash.


    Why did my daily bonus went back to the first day award?


    Each day you connect to the game, the daily reward increases until the maximum, at 5 consecutive days. After that, you will get the biggest bonus each day. If you don’t connect one day, your progress will reset. Try to play at least once a day to get the best bonus possible.





    What is the purpose of the staff members?


    Staff members you hire increase the amount of available trainings for your tennis player. The more staff you have, the more you will be able to use different trainings to increase your tennis player’s characteristics as you please.

    An agent allows to get new sponsors. Each staff member has a certain efficiency, which increases the quality of their work (see What does a higher quality staff brings me?)


    What is the time period next to each staff?


    When you hire staff, they are link to you by a fixed-term contract, in number of tournaments. After this time, you will have to hire a new staff.


    What does a higher quality staff brings me?


    The more a tennis player improves, the harder it is for him to increase his stats; a better staff increases this probability.

    If a staff member is capable of healing you, the number of recovered points increases with the efficiency.

    An agent finds better sponsors when his quality increases.


    One of my staff members has a specialty, what does it mean?


    Some staff members have specialties, it is a specific effect other staff doesn’t have. If this is a characteristic, it means that he will target this one before anything else.





    Why are the energy bars of my tennis player diminishing?


    When a tennis player plays a match, he exhausts himself and his physical status decreases. The longer the match, the more tired he will be. Increasing his intensity will also speed up this process. On the other hand, the bar can fill itself if the matches are shorter than what your tennis player can withstand.

    When he faces stressful events, like losing a set, or an easy match lasting too much, the mental bar will empty itself. The opposite effect is also true: winning a set will fill the mental bar.





    What is a sponsor for?


    Sponsors are an important source of cash in Tennis Manager. When you contract one, it commits itself to provide you some cash each time you win a match in certains categories. They also provide conditional bonuses, like winning some tournaments.


    Why does the game provide me always the same sponsors?


    Some sponsors are only interested in high visibility players. To unlock new ones, you player need to have a better MTL/WTL ranking and a better reputation. A better agent can also convince bigger sponsors.



    Manager score


    What does the manager score represent?


    The manager score represents your performance as a manager during your entire career. It depends on the age at which your tennis players win each category of tournaments for the first time.

    Once one of your player has established an age record in a category, your following players need to beat that record to bring your more points.


    What is the manager score for?


    Manager score is the most important parameter when you search for new talents to manage. The higher the score, the higher and better is the probability of finding and convincing players.



    Recruitment of a new player


    Why should I replace my current player?


    During the game, you follow tennis players during their entire career. But a player who grows old progresses more and more slowly. He will end up stagnating at his maximum level before retiring. In that period, it might be interesting to find a new player to manage, because although he starts with a lower level than you current player, he will have more potential and you could guide his progress in a different way to test some different strategies, potentially better.


    What do my players become?


    When you stop managing a player, he can, according to his age, retire or continue his career without you. These players are yet saved into your coach profile, as they were at the moment you have decided to stop managing them.