• Privacy Policies

      Data protection and Privacy


      As part of the normal operation of the App and the Services, We collect and use your personal data and, in some cases, We may disclose or share your personal data to or with third parties. We are data controller of all personal data collected and used trough the App.


      Personal data that we are collecting are:


      • Your name, surname, email, age, country of origin and user name, as provided by You,
      • Your localization from the connection and your IP address
      • Your Facebook & Google Identifiers, as provided by You


      Your personal data are collected and processed for the following purposes:


      • To create your personal account as User of the App and benefit of the Services,
      • To create and administer the Services,
      • To provide You with assistance, technical support and troubleshooting and to respond to inquiries,
      • To perform analytics and researches, aiming at improving the Services and the App,
      • To create/adjust game content based on users behavior prediction,
      • To display ads and, as the case may be, targeted ads when You use the App,
      • To contact You when necessary and to reply to your enquiries,
      • To improve Ad campaign effectiveness to recruit new players.


      In addition to the above, we will make your personal data available to certain third parties for technical support, statistics, promotional purposes and targeted advertising campaigns.


      Your personal data is stored in the United States of America by the company Amazon.com, using Amazon Web Services, and Google Inc., using Google Cloud Platform, both being Privacy Shield-certified and thus compliant with the applicable European law of protection of personal data.


      You have the right to access, rectify, limit and/or remove your personal data, and You can ask for portability of them. You can also oppose to the processing of your personal data and provide guidance concerning the storage, removal and communication of your personal data. To exercise your rights, You can send an email to legal@reboundcg.com. For more information on your rights and data protection, you can visit www.cnil.fr.